Download best Android Auto Apps 2021

Android Auto apps, simply the Android Auto compatible apps support drivers to communicate, navigate and get entertained while driving. Compared to Apple CarPlay, a greater number of apps are compatible with Android Auto. The whole list of Android Auto apps .

If your phone is not compatible with Android Auto, you can go for an aftermarket solution like Kenwood. If not, you can just use an Android Auto Alternative like InCar App.

Anyway if you have Android Auto, then I suggest following apps are a must for your Android Auto. Best Android Auto apps according to Carplayhacks.

Best Android Auto Apps 2021


Now you won’t miss your reading time for having long drives, you can listen to them via Audible through Android Auto. You can select books among millions which address your taste. Install Audible.

Google Maps

Most famous Android Auto app is Google Maps and it is opened automatically with Android Auto if it is installed on your phone. Google maps has covered over 220 countries and territories and also it contains millions of places like shops, filling stations etc. Also it always gives the shortest route to your destination. Get Google Maps.

Google Play Books

With this app, you can listen to your favorite audiobooks you purchased from Google Play. Get Google Play Books.

Google Play Music

Many people love music and it is the safest entertaining method when you are in the driving seat. That’s why Google Play Music has become one of the best Android Auto Apps. You can listen to millions of songs based on Albums or Artists. Get Google Play Music.


You can have your hangout conversations and calls while driving now. Do not forget to login to your hangout app before you get into the car. Also connect your Google voice account for getting calls. Install Hangouts App.

iHeart Radio

iHeart is another most famous android Auto app for listening to unlimited music, podcasts and playlists for free. Also you can listen to thousands of live radio stations. So this will entertain you throughout your drive with anything you prefer. Download iHeart Radio.


Now the messenger app is available for you on Android Auto so that you can get connected with your messenger friends. Get Messenger App.


If you are a baseball lover, never forget to add this app to your Android Auto App menu. This gives you all the details on matches of the day, live scores and live broadcast. Get MLB.


Get updated with NEWS. Listen to personalized stations with NPR One. This is one of the best apps used all over the world. Install NPR One.


Pandora is one of the best Android Auto apps which gives you a personalized listening experience according to your taste.You can create stations from your favorite music. Also browse perfect stations which match your mood. Download Pandora App.


Skype is also a common communication app which is used for both businesses and personal communication. Now you can receive and send Skype calls through Android Auto so that you won’t miss your important calls. Install Skype.


With the Spotify app, now you can listen to millions of songs and podcasts for free. Download Spotify App.


Listen to your favorite radio stations, music and podcasts via TuneIn. It is commonly used among the Android Auto users for its ease of use. Install TuneIn.


Waze is also one of the most famous navigation apps among Android Auto users. This app learns your route for the destination and reroutes it based on traffic, accidents and other issues which can delay your drive. Download Waze.


WhatsApp is one of the most famous communication apps in the world. It is used for both personal and business purposes. Now you can use WhatsApp with Android Auto for making calls. Install WhatsApp.

How to Add apps to Android Auto

If you need a certain app, first install it to your Android Phone. Then open the Android Auto App and in the Main menu there is an option called “Apps for Android Auto”. You can simply choose the apps you want.

What are the apps not in Android Auto

In Android Auto, Some of the streaming apps are restricted for driver’s safety. So, most famous apps like YouTube, Netflix, FaceBook are missing in the Android Auto App Menu.

Same way I could find some nice hacks for having these apps. Tech teams like CarPlay Hacks, turbogadgetreviews offers hacks for adding new apps and to enhance your Android Auto life. You can try them if interested.

It’s true that as car lovers we do anything for enhancing our car life. But I remind you, your safety should be your first concern.

Happy driving !!!



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